About Us

The TRUE CITRUS brand was founded by David Schleider in US. He was a trained professional chef and spent many years dedicating himself to the food and beverage arts. After years of working in the kitchen and his love for citrus flavors, he realized how the quality of fresh lemons is so inconsistent. One day, it can be very JUICEY and SOUR and the other days it can be DRY and BLAND. When he was preparing slices of lemons in his kitchen, he realized “WHAT IF I can make fresh lemons into sachet form, then everybody can enjoy fresh and consistent tasting lemons all year round, AND CAN BE USED ANYWHERE & ANYTIME!”

For years, he dedicated himself to research this concept and developed a patented processto crystalize fruits while maintaining its ORIGINAL JUICES, OILS and NUTRIENTS with NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING & NO SWEETENERS! And it is even conveniently packaged in a small sachet that can even fit on the palm of your hands. This innovation was so successful in the US, that it has been thriving in the US market for the last 12 years!

They say, good things must be shared! So,True Citrus brand opened its doors to the South East Asia market in 2015.

That is when TRUE CITRUS MALAYSIA was formed to spread the goodness and convenience of TRUE LEMON, TRUE LIME & TRUE GRAPE FRUIT to busy Malaysians today. True Citrus products can now be found in major hypermarkets, pharmacies, major ecommerce stores such as 11Street, LAZADA & ASTRO GO SHOP and lastly online grocery shopping sites such as JOCOM and Freshcart! You may even purchase directly from our website as well. =)

If any questions, email us at sales@truecitrusmalaysia.com.